Hello Bar Review: Can Hello Bar Help You to Boost Your Business?

Many people have been using Hello Bar to better engage with their customers, but is this website a good fit for you? Keep reading to know the answer!

Hello Bar Introduction

Do you know that most visitors who come to your page end up leaving without taking any action or providing any personal information for you to contact? To encourage them to engage more with your website or page, you need a specific tool, and Hello Bar is what you need in this situation.

In this Hello Bar review, I am going to show you all the features this website has and what you should do to get the best results out of it. If you know how to use Hello Bar correctly, you will be surprised at how much more traffic you can have and how many deals you can get.

Sounds interesting? Let’s find out more about this website!

Hello Bar Review — What Is Hello Bar?


  • Service’s Name: Hello Bar

What Is Hello Bar?

Hello Bar is a marketing tool created to help online business owners and online sellers build their email lists, find new customers, interact with their customers, and encourage visitors to take action.

This tool was built by professionals who understand the selling process deeply. Therefore, this platform helps users encourage customers to take action faster through different strategies.

With Hello Bar’s favor, you will easily have a high-quality email list and contacts of visitors who are genuinely interested in your products.

Therefore, you can save a lot of money when doing advertising on them and closing deals is also easier.

Many tools of Hello Bar are not so special because you can easily find different services and websites that offer the same benefits. However, you might need to purchase other platforms and products in order to run so many various works at the same time.

With Hello Bar, all the strategies listed in this review will be available in one place — the Hello Bar platform, and this will help users save so much time and effort while running and building their businesses.

Hello Bar’s Features and Benefits

Pop-Ups and Sticky Bars

hello bar pop-up
hello bar pop-up

Pop-ups and sticky bars are essential for any selling pages or websites. With these two simple tools, you can make users leave their information so much easier, and therefore, you will be able to build your high-converting email list fast and effortlessly.

When you are searching for some product on the Internet, you would realize you would not read all the areas on a selling website just to give the sellers your information unless you really love the product.

Most buyers will do the same thing you do and this is why pop-ups and stick bars are useful. With pop-ups, your customers can easily add their information such as email addresses, names, or even phone numbers so they can have more service from you later on before actually buying your products.

Call to Action

Call to action has been used for so many years, but it does not mean this technique is outdated. With a suitable Hello Bar plan, you will be able to ask your visitors to take action right when they are on your website.

There are many things you can do when it comes to a “call to action.” It can encourage them to take action fast before the price is changed, ask them to leave information to get supported later on, or tell them about your current campaign and ask them to join.


hello bar pop-up template
hello bar pop-up template

After you purchase a Hello Bar plan, you will have many professional templates to use for your business. These templates are super useful and necessary for customer services and customer interaction. The best part is they are all available on your plan without you paying any extra money.

Easy Installing

You can install Hello Bar to WordPress, Wix, and many other websites easily. This is so convenient, especially for those who do not know so much about using complicated software or websites.

Easy Email Collecting

Email collecting can be such a hard task if you do not use any supporting tools such as Hello Bar. With all the useful tools and strategies right inside of Hello Bar, your customers will be more likely to leave their information, including email addresses, so you can engage with them afterward.

A/B Testing

hello bar ab test

Before designing your website, you can check if some design is more suitable than the other. With this feature, you can save so much time on designing your own Hello Bar.

Professional Support

During working hours, you can get help from professionals with the question related to the usage of Hello Bar and how to grow with this website. Many users have reported that they really appreciate the support team for Hello Bar, and you can expect the same thing.

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How Does Hello Bar Work?

Step 1: Add Hello Bar to WordPress and Create an Account

First, you will need to add Hello Bar to your WordPress and create your user account with your email, password, and your websites’ URL link.

Download Hello bar Plugin on wordpress
copy code
Copy code
Put your code in wordpress
Put your code in wordpress

Step 2: Design

After the first step, you can go to the Hello Bar platform and design your Hello Bar with many tools and templates inside of this platform.

Step 3: Setting

When you are happy with the appearance of your Hello Bar, set your targeting people and who you want to show pop-ups to.

Who Is It Made For?

Hello Bar is suitable for nearly all online business owners who want to get more information from their visitors, attract bigger traffic, develop their customer service, and convert more sales.

If I have to list who will find Hello Bar useful, then there will be an endless list. So, I will list some of the people who will appreciate Hello Bar the most.

  • Online business owners

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use


  • The price is a little bit higher than other alternatives

Price and Evaluation

First, let’s talk about the price. If you are not sure whether Hello Bar is suitable for you, you can use it for free at first, and this is one of the best features of Hello Bar that many other companies do not offer.

When you use it for free, you will know how the website works and how you can use it to boost your business. If you do not like the platform, you will never get charged just for testing it. In case you love the website and want to use it, you can choose your suitable plans.

Even though a free plan is great for testing, you might have so many limitations using this when it comes to views, pop-ups, designs, features, and many more. So, if you are serious about building your business with Hello Bar, you should consider paying for it.

You can choose to pay annually or monthly and choose different plans at different prices. You will need to pay around $29 to $99 each month or choose to pay $289 to $999 each year. If you pay yearly, then you will be able to save a two-month fee.

Those prices are the cost for three options, Growth, Premium, and Elite. If you do not own a big business, the Growth Plan will be fine to get started with. However, I recommend you check the Premium or Elite plans when you want to reach many more views, subscribers, or need so many designs.

Compared to many other similar services, Hello Bar’s price is a little higher. However, with this service, you will be able to reach more clients and take care of them easier and might save a lot of money on hiring others to do the same jobs for you.

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Final Words about Hello Bar

Hello Bar is like a business buddy of many online business owners. It can help them grab their visitors’ attention better, engage more effectively, collect more information, and convert more visitors into buyers.

As I mentioned above, the price of Hello Bar is slightly higher than many other websites. Still, it can bring you so much convenience and good results and save you so much money on hiring professionals to do the same jobs for your business. I hope this Hello Bar review gave you enough information to decide if it is suitable for you. In case you like Hello Bar, let’s get started with the low-priced plan first to test the website, then upgrade the plan later if you find the website useful.

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