AIDA Formula + Sales Funnel: The Secrets To Boost Your Sales

AIDA Sales Funnel is based on the AIDA Model. It is a traditional marketing model that helps marketers understand the cognitive process behind making a purchasing decision.

Moreover, it is the best marketing model for various marketers to apply it daily, whether consciously or subconsciously while thinking of their marketing strategy.

The AIDA sales funnel model focuses on the customer journey. It describes the customer journey from the first contact with a brand to the buying decision.

In this article, we will discuss everything about it. So read this article till the end.

What Is AIDA Sales Funnel?

As I already told you, AIDA Sales Funnel is a funnel based on the AIDA Model. This funnel describes the step by step stage that an individual goes through while purchasing any product or service.

Some people also called it a purchase funnel. This buyer goes to and fro at each stage, to support them in the final purchase decision.

Nowadays, there is no pure relationship between the buyer and the company due to social media marketing. Social media makes it very easy to achieve the AIDA model's different goals by adding the customer into a social network or community.

Furthermore, AIDA stands for awareness, interest, desire, and action. Below we have discussed all these terms in detail.

What Does AIDA Stand for?

I have already told you what does AIDA sales funnel stands for. Now it’s time to discuss it in detail.

  • Awareness: Creating brand awareness or awareness about product or service. So brands can attract the customers toward them.
  • Interest: Generate interest in the audience about the company product or service. So customers can buy the product from the specified company.
  • Desire: Develop the eagerness in the customer to buy the company product. Try to make emotional connections with customers. Push the customer from like the product to purchasing the product.
  • Action: Make the customer get in touch with the company and let the customer move one step forward to buying the product or service. Send the brochure or be in contact with the customer through phone calls. So the company will not miss any potential customers.
  • Retention: Once the customer buys a product, there is always an opportunity for up-selling or cross-selling. Stay in touch with the customer. Ask them to review the company and refer the company product and services to friends and family.

The last thing retention is not available in the AIDA model, but most of the companies use it in the sales funnel as it helps increase the sales of a company.

How To Apply AIDA Sales Funnel In Your Business

Now you know about AIDA Sales Funnel but how it can benefit your business. So now, we will discuss how you can use it in your industry.

The AIDA sales funnel does not work on the communication model. It works on the decision-making model. It describes the sales team that how and when you should communicate with the customer.

It gives all information about dealing with the client like what type of content you should provide to your client and at which touchpoint you need to change the medium of interacting with the client.

You can apply AIDA Sales Funnel in your business strategy by following the below steps.

Attract Customers

To increase brand awareness, firstly, research about your target audience. After this, create the content that your target audience is looking for.

Try to solve their problem with your content. Moreover, your target audience needs to discover you. So do the proper on-page SEO or run Google Ads to appear in Google search results.

You can also use social media ads to attract visitors to your company website. If the audience likes your content, then they will start engaging with your company. Now they might want to know more about your company and your product.

Build Interest

Once you have some target audience interested in your product or service, tell them what they want to know about your product or service.

Tell them how your product can solve their problem. To give them more information about your product, feature your product's benefit on the home page. This will make it easy for people to get information about your product and your company.

Stimulate Desire

When your target audience starts liking your content, then a desire to buy your product will be developed in their mind.

All you had to is encourage their excitement so that their desire will be fulfilled by buying your product or service.

You can do this by sending them the content regularly. Make sure they have followed you on social media. Social media is a great way to influence people’s minds.

Moreover, the more they interact with your brand, the more they will trust you. All these things increase the chances of buying your product or service.

Push to Take Actions

Now your client is very close to buying your product or service. The customer has made their mind. Now the customer will get in touch with your company and asks you about a demo or a free trial.

Apart from this, the customer will also ask you about the price of your product or service. You need to give all the necessary details about your product or service to the customer.

If everything goes right, then the customer will buy your product or service.

Example of AIDA Sales Funnel?

A case study makes it easy for you to understand the AIDA sales funnel. So here is an example. Assume a new hair salon company is launched. Here is how they use the AIDA Sales Funnel for their Salon company.

(Images are for illustrative purposes only)


Firstly they will run a PR campaign a few months before the launch of the company. The campaign will tell people about their qualifications, awards, and offers they are providing to their clients.

These things are mainly targeted to a particular audience, which is mostly interested in hair designing and styling. In this way, they will create brand awareness.


Now the second step is to develop people’s interest in their brand. For this, they will either use a mail campaign or social media. They provide a free consultation to the people who are already interested in their brand.


When the time comes to open a new salon, they will organize a local launch event and advertise it through local press and social media.

All these things will create hype among the people to get invited to the launch event. Due to all these promotions, everyone gets a desire to watch the new salon.


The last step is to convert all your efforts into results. If everything went right, their AIDA Sales funnel would successfully give them many new customers even before opening the salon.

Once the company gets some customers, it is on them that they will keep a good relationship with them and use them to get more customers.


AIDA Sales Funnel is an excellent framework for guiding the potential customer on a journey of buying your company product or service. Moreover, the AIDA funnel represents the linear path of customer purchase. However, nowadays, not every customer functions linearly.

But if you combine AIDA Sales Funnel with your content marketing strategy, you can easily throw your competitors out of the game.

All you had to do is consistently engage, persuade, and convert your audience into the paying customers.

I hope this informative guide of the AIDA Sales Funnel is helpful for you, and it helps you understand how you can use it in your business.

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